Real Estate Financing – Home Mortgages – Time Tested Tips

You don’t want to jump into anything blindly or sign a real estate contract or home mortgage loan contract or any type of contract without giving it some serious thought. Watch out for anything that appears to be vague. You want to keep in mind when financing real estate that lenders will be able to tell you only what you might be able to afford based on your current not future salary and level of debt including your credit card debt. First of all you’ll need to find a lender for your real estate financing and potential residential, home or other type of investment.The real estate financing situation for each buyer is going to be different of course. A 20-year fixed rate mortgage term will mean higher payments, when compared to a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. The advantages of a fixed-rate mortgage include consistent principal and interest payments, which will make this loan stable – your rate won’t change; a good choice if you’re likely to stay in the house for a long time.And if you have less-than-perfect credit or a ‘bad credit’ credit report don’t be too concerned about it. The disadvantages of an adjustable rate mortgage include the possibility of increasing monthly payments if interest rates go up and over the years this has happened many times and people have lost their homes. If you’ve applied to several lenders, when you finally do select a good lender you may have to explain why there are other inquiries from lending institutions on your credit report.The disadvantages of a fixed-rate mortgage include the possibly higher cost. These loans are usually priced higher than an adjustable-rate mortgage. With adjustable rate mortgages the initial interest rate is usually lower than with a fixed-rate mortgage so the monthly payment would also be lower. An adjustable rate mortgage could be a good choice because on the average, most people move or refinance within seven years, but be aware of the fluctuating interest rate.If the rates in the current market are high, you’ll probably get a better price with an adjustable-rate loan. Any money you receive from a lending institution will show up on your credit report and your payments will factor into your debt-to-income ratio. And a good or bad FICO credit score is not a requirement for most conventional or government loans like FHA loans or VA loans.Reminder – an adjustable-rate mortgage (called ARM) means that the interest rate changes over the life of the loan, according to the terms specified ahead of time. Your income and debts will typically play the biggest roles in determining what price range you can afford when buying a house. Insiders know that the advertised mortgage rates you find are not always what you’ll get from the lender – it could be fluctuations in the market, good or bad economic news, any other of a dozen reasons, but interest rates can change even throughout the day.A range of mortgage options are always available and some loans require little money down. And if you’re on a fixed income, an adjustable rate mortgage, especially a short-term ARM, may not be your best choice.Keep in mind that low credit scores do not mean you cannot buy a home or other real property; continue to explore the options and you’ll come up with the best real estate financing. Ask other homeowners what real estate and mortgage problems they’ve encountered – everyone has stories to tell. Rates can change fast, one way or another, day by day; this is true for residential, commercial and investment real estate financing. Always get the most current interest rate quotes. The rate won’t last long.

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